Thailand Infos - There are a few important, general thins to know about your Thailand holiday. Further down on the page, there are some links to more information.

  Cars and traffic

Pattayas streets have not been able to put up with the huge amount of traffic that is still growing. Especially during the evening time Pattaya is suffocated by a traffic chaos. Mainly on 2nd Road, Central Road and Beach Road are blocked by big traffic jams each day. During daytime and on the evenings busses block the left lane on beach road every five minutes to bring tourists to the beach or the nearby restaurants and to bring the home later in the evening. When these busses stop, the road is congested, but this will clear up quickly after the bus gets moving again. It goes back and forth like this many times.

  Money excange

You are best off using your credit card getting money from an ATM as all established credit cards are accepted. There are ATMs at every corner to get your Bahts. Some credit card providers charge very high fees for drawing out money in a foreign country, so please inquire your provider about the fees before your trip, as getting money can become costly otherwise. The Maestro Card (EC-Card used in Europe) is accepted at some ATMs, although higher fees will be charged. The fees for drawing money from an ATM with a Maestro card in a foreign bank are determined by your bank. In most cases this will be aroun 4-5 Euros per drawing, independent of the amount of money you draw. That is why it is best to get as much money as possible per drawing. Should you not find am ATM to get money from, you will get cash in any bank or exchange office upon presentation of your passport and your credit card.

  Holiday piggy bank

Do not carry too much cash with you! Best would be not having more than you will need that evening. Credit cards, jewellery and Passport belong to the safe and should stay there during your entire stay. If your passport or all your money get stolen, you will be in big trouble!

  Some ground rules

Only drink water that you know is safe like bottled water. Never drink tap water. In case you have no choice, drink filtered, disinfected or boiled water (boil for 20 minutes). On excursions also use bottled water for washing dishes and brushing you teeth. For food: Either cook it or peel it yourself. Keep flies away from your food. Wash your hands thoroughly using soap as often as you can, especially after going to the toilet and always before preparing the meals and before you eat. Disinfect your hands, if applicable. Use paper towels (as they are disposed after use).


A valid vaccination against yellow fever is only required when entering the country coming from a region where the disease exists. Entering from Germany (the European Union?) there are no restrictions concerning vaccinations that apply. Nevertheless, public health authorities recommend that you should have all your usual vaccinations up to date (e.g. Tetanus etc.).

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