Pattaya / Jomtien - Beautiful beaches, extraordinary culinary experiences, nightlife and much more. Have an enchanted time here!
We have compiled some general information for you.

The climate in Pattaya is tropical, warm to hot with only little temperature drop during night time, as it is typical to the coastal regions of southern Thailand. The best travel period for the east cost is the cooler time of the year during the months of November, December, January and February. The average temperature is between 26° and 32°C during daytime. During the night it will cool down to about 20°C. The hot season of the year is during the months of March, April, May and June, when it will be 35° to 40°C hot with only little rain. For elderly people and people with cardiovascular diseases this is certainly not the ideal time of the year. In June, the rainfall period starts in Thailand. In the Pattaya region, it is very hot during the months of July, August, September until October with lots of rain. The rainfalls of the Monsoon period are usually not continuous rainfalls. They usually come as showers during the afternoon that develop into tropical thunderstorms during the evening. In Pattaya, the highest amount of rain will be in September. Many tourists love the warm climate and come to Pattaya during the rainfall period. There is also the possibility, that it will not rain for weeks during this


The range of stores and shopping facilities is virtually unlimited. It is important to find the right shops, though, to find a good bargain. Pattaya is currently developing into a shopping paradise. There are new malls on every corner. T-shirts in good quality can be found at the BIG C., Lotus or at the local markets. It is always worthwhile to take a closer look at the quality as cheap is not always good!

  Food and drink

All dishes served in good restaurants are prepared with fresh ingredients. Of course, it may be difficult to find the right dish for you in the first place, but you will find out pretty fast what you like. It may well be that there is no other country in the world with that much choice in restaurants. Of course, the big hotels also have their restaurants but those the price level has reached European dimensions. But beware Thai people like it spicy!


After sunset, the famous nightlife of Thailand's seaside resort No. 1 reveals itself. After sunset countless bars, clubs and discotheques make southern Pattaya every man's dream with entertainment for every taste. Drag queen cabaret, discotheques, go-go night clubs, coffee shops, karaoke bars, restaurants and outdoor bars with live music and thai boxing events will all compete to entertain you in Pattaya's nightlife.

The Walking Street in southern Pattaya is a pedestrian zone and the centre of Pattaya's nightlife with hundreds of go-go bars and dancing clubs. Further amusement centres can be found in Soi 7, Soi 8, Soi Yamoto, the Soi Praisanie at the Pattaya Post Office along the 2nd Road and the Soi Buakaow. New to the nighlife is the 3rd Pattaya Road. Go-go bars can also be found in Soi Chayaphoon and Soi Lengkee.Both connect Soi Buakaowand the 3rd Road. Further bars are located in Soi 2 right across the street from the BigC mall. Many bars are also located in Pattaya Nakluastarting at North Pattaya Road.

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